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Potman and his fishing pond
The "jungle" behind Potman is a half barrel planted with petunias, impatiens, mint, caladium, and other plants.  Behind on the ledge of the deck are scented geraniums: rose, coconut, chocolate mint, and lemon/rose.  Beside the barrel is a fragrant patchouli which has outgrown my expectations!
My Dad and Sherry built Potman.  He's made of 3 medium sized pots and 12 small ones.  His "innards" are filled with plaster of paris to make him sturdy and his arms and legs are wired.  His hair is an evergreen plant so he won't have a receding hairline!  His wardrobe is very simple -- just a little spanish moss on his shoulders .
Potman's private fishing pond is a small barrel liner (about 9 gallons) planted with water hyacinth, water lilies and pickerel rush.  Later in the season, the plants will probably look a little better as they grow.
Doesn't he
add something special
to this 
little garden setting?  

(Notice the bumblebee
perched on his noggin!)

Here's a close-up of his little country face.  I painted his face with acrylic tole paints and hope they will survive the winter outside.  But if not, I can refresh his goofy expression in the spring when I'm replanting and refurbishing my garden.

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