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Family Photos
for Charlotte (and others!)

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"Nellie's Girls"
Christmas, 1970  - Mary Elizabeth ("Pat") Jarrard, Doris Patricia Taylor, Adele Lee Azmon, Vivian Gertrude Huff, Winston-Salem, NC
Vicky's Children and spouses: Jessica Beth LaPine, William Patrick LaPine, Jon Bartram Spainhour, Katherine Leigh Wilder Spainhour, 1998
1970, Clyde Lemons and second wife 1970, Nita McHale and Nelrose Duffer
1970, Nelrose Duffer, Hailey Duffer, and Nita McHale 197? - Watt Hailey Duffer (from Church Directory)
197?, Nelrose Lemons Duffer (from Church Directory) Nell & Hailey
October 13, 1976, Nelrose Lemons Duffer in a dress made for the bicentennial celebration. Alicia Lemons, (Uncle Dub's daughter) 11th grade, 16 years old.  "To one of my favorite aunts. Love, Alicia" is written on the reverse.  This was among Nell's photos
197? -  Reynolds Park Golf Course, Dub, Hailey and unknown golf partner. 195? - Uncle Doc (Dossie Herbert Lemons)
195? - Mary Estelle Murray Lemons  1950's - Uncle "Dub's" house on Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC.  Pictured are "Doc" (Dossie Herbert) Lemons, Howard & Daisy Lemons, Mary Lemons, Clyde & Julia Lemons, Ruby & Charlie Garl Lemons 
193? Howard & Lorraine (first wife) at a church in Winston-Salem 1942, Liza Lanier (a cousin from High Point)  and Mary Murray Lemons, taken on West Street in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC
Walter S. Lmons and Mary Murray Lemons, possibly 1018 Belews Creek (note: Walter is not bedridden - this may help date the photo) 192? - Nelrose Lemons
Nelrose Lemons 192? - Nelrose Lemons (on the right), other girl and dog unknown.
1934, Nelrose Lemons Wilkins 1918? Nelrose Lemons in the center, Dub is on the right, but who is that on the left?  Nita or Teddie?
193? - Clyde Lemons Farm, Mt. Airy, NC. Clyde, Dub, Charlie Garl, Nelrose Lemons & Mary Lemons (child is possibly Peggy, Clyde's daughter)
Christmas, 1994, Little Nita and Jack Dunstane, Largo FL 1920? -  Possibly Aunt Maud's house in East Winston.  From far left: Howard, Dub, Aunt Maud, Nita?, Nelrose, Teddie?
1987 - Adele Lee Wilkins Azmon (church directory photo) 199?, George Michael Bodenheimer and Donna Arleen Azmon Bodenheimer
1996, Kenny Azmon, Jr. and wife, Mary 1996, Kenny and daughter Ashley Elizabeth
1996, Kenny and Ashley 1996 Ashley Elizabeth Azmon
Christmas, 1996 - Ashley & stepbrother Nathan 1998, San Antonio, TX, Jessie & Bill LaPine
1996, Portsmouth, VA Jessie Spainhour hunts a tree 1996, Kenny, Jr. with Mom, Adele
August 21, 1998, Audrey Lauren Bodenheimer at the computer, Denver, NC August 21, 1998, Audrey 
August 21, 1998, Amber Nicole Bodenheimer August 21, 1998, Amber
1996, Kenny & Donna in their "please don't take my picture" pose  1996 Kenny and Donna, resigned to having their picture made
1998, Vicky Azmon Hallenbeck 1996 Roswell John Hallenbeck, II, and Vicky Hallenbeck
1997, Jake & a friend take a nap 1997, Laika Hallenbeck
1998, Vicky Azmon Hallenbeck, James Kenneth Azmon, Jr., Donna Azmon Bodenheimer 1942, Cousin Liza's Daughter-in-Law, John D. Wilkins, Liza Lanier
1933, Pat, Mary Lemons, and Doris  1942, Uncle Dub, possibly in England
1943? Pat, Mary Lemons, and Doris 1943, Doris & Pat at 113 West Street in Winston-Salem.  Notice unusual window with stained glass.
November 25, 1954, Mary Lemons & Great-granddaughter, Vicky Leigh Azmon November, 1966, Kathy Taylor (Doris' daughter), Kenny Azmon (Adele's son), Porter Jarrard (Pat's son), Nelrose Duffer and Mary Lemons.
1920, front row: Nelrose Lemons, Teddie?, Howard Lemons; back row: Clyde Lemons, Dossie ("Doc") Lemons Boy in front is Dub, lady on left is Mary M. Lemons, 4th row up, middle girl is Nelrose Lemons holding Garl's child.
1940, Connie Rae Lemons, first grade (Uncle Howard's only daughter.) 195? Uncle Howard, 1326 Forest Avenue, Winston-Salem
196?, Mary M. Lemons helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner, Lexington Road, Winston-Salem, NC 1983 Nelrose Duffer and Great-grandaughter, Amber Nicole Bodenheimer