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Eight Piece Spring Outfit for Tonner's Ann Estelle or LInda McCall

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to get REALLY close to the duckies she fed at the pond.  She tried bringing tempting crumbs of bread, sitting very still, and tip-toeing quietly, but she could never get as close as she liked. Then she thought of a plan - a disguise!  She put on a ducky-yellow dress, her ducky tights, and her ducky mask . . . 


Most of the ducks still waddled quickly away from her . . . but, look! One baby duck liked her! He even let her pet him and went for rides in her Easter basket, quacking happily. 
Guess who?  Ann Estelle, of course! This bright ducky yellow dress has lace sleeves, a gathered skirt with lace and ducky ribbon at the hemline, and a happy face flower button.  The dress snaps in the back.  Also included is a matching hair barrette with ducky ribbon and a blue and yellow flower button.  The ducky mask has an elastic strap to hold it on snugly. 
To the left is Ann Estelle's ducky friend.  He's actually a keyring, and I've left the ring on in case he'd like to travel with you.  But he's a noisy little fellow.  Click here(52K) to hear the sound he makes when you press his tummy.  At the right, you can see a close-up of Ann Estelle's knit ducky tights.  A roomy pair of white mary janes is included to accomodate the thicker tights.  Ann Estelle's basket is full with her ducky friend right now, but when the winning bidder receives the basket, there will be a surprise inside.

Here's a photo of 
everything that comes
with Ann Estelle's


THE FINE PRINT: Auction includes dress, mask, hair barrette, Easter basket, ducky friend, shoes and ducky tights, as shown.  Doll is not included.High bidder pays winning bid plus $3.20 priority mail shipment in USA.  Winner pays by money order or use your credit card with PayPal or When you use either of these services, I will ship the next morning. NO FEES. Save on shipping by combining shipments - check my other auctions! Payment must be received within 10 days of end of auction. Whenever possible, I use recycled and/or earth-friendly shipping supplies. Please email mailing address at end of auction.

Why is this a private auction?  Anyone may bid on this auction.  "Private" means no one knows the identity of the bidders.   This ensures you will not receive spam or other unwelcome attention.  It also means that the many eBay folks who buy for this doll will not worry about bidding against their online friends.  Pleasing you is of paramount importance to me.  Please check my feedback and feel free to ask questions!

Look for it! You'll know you have a genuine honeychile design when you find this tiny, signature honeybee charm somewhere on a main piece of the outfit. It might be in plain view on the collar, stitched to the inside of the hemline, or hidden somewhere else on the garment. The photo is much enlarged, so you may have to look closely to find this wee messenger who lets you know that the greatest of care went into the design of this unique, handcrafted ensemble.