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Enter Kai's world of southwestern Nigeria in the year 1440.  Join her as she makes a voyage of exploration and discovery in her native Yorubaland.
Kai is a quality collectible doll made by Ertl Collectibles.  She was issued in 1996.  She is approximately 15" tall with three-quarter vinyl arms and legs and a pellet stuffed body. 

Her clothing is detailed and authentic to her time.  It includes a headwrap, robe, sash, beaded necklace and bracelet, pantalettes, and sandals.  She also comes with a stand and a Simon & Schuster companion Book (see below).


Kai has beautiful waist-length braided hair.

Here you can catch a glimpse of Kai's pantalettes trimmed in a coordinating print.  To the right is a close-up of her sandals.

Books About Kai
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KAI: A Mission for Her Village

(This paperback book is included with the Kai Doll!)

In 1440, Kai lives in the Yoruba village of Ife, in what is now Nigeria.   When a famine threatens the village, the king chooses Kai and her sister  to seek help from the Yoruba in the North. They set out on foot, through  dense forest and golden savanna. Along the way, they learn a great deal  about their country and about themselves.

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The books have many
beautiful, full color illustrations.



Book Two: A Big Decision

A reader comments:  I have shared this book with many children. They throughly enjoyed the illustrations and found the story to be extremely motivating. Also, I appreciate having a story about a Black child that starts in Africa, as opposed to beginning with American slavery.  Lovely story, particularly for  young girls, that leaves the reader feeling a "can do" attitude 

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Book Three: The Lost Statue

A reader comments:  This continuation of the story of Kai contains a strong sense of the subtle dilemmas faced by the young and the somewhat older. Welch's masterful delivery displays great depth and delicacy, and great compassion as well.  This book has been infused with a balance of morality and humanity all readers might benefit from.  Succinct, reader friendly, good

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