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Emu Egg Hatbox for Gene

This unusual hatbox for Gene is crafted from a genuine emu egg.  The deep green color is the egg's natural coloration.  It is decorated with trims, braids, microglitter, and vintage glass stones.  It makes a delightful hatbox for Gene or can be used as a trinket box for the winner!
The egg is about 5" long and 3.5" wide at its longest/widest points.  The round stones used on top of the egg are faux opals made of glass in Czechoslovakia in the 1950's.  The crescent shaped glass pieces around the central scarab were made about the same time in Germany.
The central glass scarab is made from amethyst glass with slight milky swirling.  It is over 50 years old and was made in occupied Japan. 
The egg has been cut horizontally, hinged, and lined with velvety, purple fabric to softly cushion a hat or jewelry.

See ENVY to get an idea of how this looks in proportion to Gene.  Envy was a donation to the fund-raising efforts of the City of Angels Ballet's Second Annual Designer Challenge earlier this year.