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Magic Trick:  How One Adult Sock Magically Becomes a Pair of Tights for Ann Estelle and a Pair of Knee Socks for Megan (Magic Attic Club)!

STEP ONE:  I used one adult sized "Hot-Steps" sock.  This is a sport sock that comes just above the ankle.  It is made from 75% acrylic and 25% spandex.  I purchased these socks at A.C. Moore Craft Store, but I'm sure they're available elsewhere.  

STEP TWO:  Carefully cut the straight part of the sock (the part above the heel) away from the rest of the sock.  Save the foot of the sock for Megan's knee socks.  But for now, let's work with the cuff of the sock and make tights for Ann Estelle.
STEP THREE:  Turn the sock inside out.  Hold it up to or put it on Ann Estelle and figure out where the crotch should be.  Mark that spot with a pin.  It will be about 2-1/4" down, but it depends on the stretchiness of the sock.
STEP FIVE:  Seam across the bottom of the sock, then up to the pin marking the crotch (staying 1/4" to one side of the center line) and back down the other side.  Cut on the center line and you now have legs in your tights!
STEP SIX:  This sock is a little bulky for Ann Estelle, so you'll want to eliminate as much bulk as possible.  Shape the feet by sewing from the toe, to a spot about 1/2"-3/4" up, and clip out the resulting triangle, making the toes of the tights pointed.  Finish the edges with a zig-zag stitch (or serge).
STEP SEVEN:  Turn right side out, put on tights and start looking for your frog prince!  You may need to stretch the tights by hand a few times.  If the feet are still too bulky, shape them a bit more.  These tights are not stretched out very much, so the frogs are very beautiful and not a bit distorted, but you may need to find a shoe that's a little roomy to accomodate the extra thickness of the tights.

STEP ONE:  Cut the heel off, squaring the top of the foot part of the sock.  Discard the heel (if you figure out something wonderful to do with it, you must tell me!).

STEP TWO:  Cut the remaining foot part into two equal, pointed pieces.
STEP THREE:  Open up the piece and use a zig-zag to finish the top edge of the sock.  Now fold together (right sides together) and seam along the raw edge.  Finish the raw edges with zigzag (or serge).  Then turn down the sock (which is still inside-out) and use quilting thread to tack down the top of the cuff all the way around the sock, by hand.  Be careful to keep your stitching loose, because you don't want the top of the sock to lose its stretchiness.  
STEP FOUR:  Turn right side out and put on doll!  These make a pretty good fit around the toes, and they're stretched out more,  so that most regular shoes fit fine.  You can put the seam up the back, or inside the leg (my preference).  These look good as knee socks and work under a dress, too, especially one that's long enough to cover the tops of the socks.

That's It!  Enjoy!

copyright 2000 Vicky Hallenbeck 
all rights reserved