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"Faerie Dust"
Seven Piece Ensemble for Tonner's Betsy McCall, Jane, Barbara, or Annie

We've all known that Betsy looks like a pixie, now here's the proof!  This shimmering blue and silver ensemble was very difficult to photograph (faeries always are, you know!).

This close-up of the wings shows their translucence a little bit better. They are made of four layers of shimmering moonbeam gossamer organdy with the details hand drawn with a pigment pen. They snap onto the dress.
The bodice of the dress is made from lycra in a cloud print. The skirt is sheer shimmering organdy with an underlayer of white tulle for fullness.  The belt is a piece of organdy ribbon with a ribbon rose and blue and white ribbons falling from it.  The dress is open in the back and fastens with snaps on the bodice.
The headband is made from the
same organdy ribbon as the belt, tightly gathered and elasticized.  The plumes used are emu feathers with three vintage glass "opals" made in Germany in the 1950's.  This outfit is one of a kind and will not be repeated.

Although the wings appear opaque on the right, they are perfectly translucent, shimmering, and very hard to capture in a photograph!  Maybe some faerie dust got in the lens?
The tights are made from the same cloudy print lycra as the bodice.  Now this is a perfect example of why faeries are so hard to see -- her legs are almost invisible on the background of a cloudy sky!  The white shoes are pierced, and decorated with three opalescent blue vintage glass "stones" twinkling on each shoe.  I suspect that faeries, like ballerinas, are very adept at that twinkle toe stuff, and that these little shining stones serve to blind us for a moment and when we look again, the faerie is gone!

Here's a photo of everything
that comes with the 
Faerie Dust ensemble


THE FINE PRINT: Auction includes dress with sheer skirt, headband with emu feathers, detachable wings, jeweled shoes, tights, and belt, as shown.  Doll is not included. High bidder pays winning bid plus $3.20 priority mail shipment in USA.  Winner pays by money order or use your credit card with PayPal or When you use either of these services, I will ship the next morning. NO FEES. Save on shipping by combining shipments - check my other auctions! Payment must be received within 10 days of end of auction. Whenever possible, I use recycled and/or earth-friendly shipping supplies. Please email mailing address at end of auction.
Why is this a private auction?  Anyone may bid on this auction.  "Private" means no one knows the identity of the bidders.   This ensures you will not receive spam or other unwelcome attention.  It also means that the many eBay folks who buy for this doll will not worry about bidding against their online friends.  Pleasing you is of paramount importance to me.  Please check my feedback and feel free to ask questions!
Look for it! You'll know you have a genuinehoneychile design when you find this tiny, signature honeybee charm somewhere on a main piece of the outfit. It might be in plain view on the collar, stitched to the inside of the hemline, or hidden somewhere else on the garment. The photo is much enlarged, so you may have to look closely to find this wee messenger who lets you know that the greatest of care went into the design of this unique, handcrafted ensemble.